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YMMV / PnF Primeval

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  • Ass Pull: A pretty damn big one in Predator X. Nosey is revealed to be a Kimmerosaurus, but has plates along his back, something Kimmerosaurus did not have. They briefly gloss this over. and it is never mentioned again!!
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • A common criticism of the series is that it does not seem to go anywhere with interesting plot ideas. For example, "the anomalies being responsible for myths" idea that was an important part of the original Primeval is glossed over here. The current Mix-and-Match Critters storyline is also getting some flack for being unoriginal and having no place in the Primeval mythos.
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    • The romances are also criticised for being exact copies of each other, with no variation.