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YMMV / Pluto the Pup

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  • Nightmare Fuel: Plutotopia. why is it so? Well, Pluto in a dream is tormented by a talking cat that addresses him with sarcasm and a suicidal sadomasochist to boot. It shows why cats and dogs should hate each other because this solution is disturbing.
    • And, of course, Pluto's Judgement Day.
    • "Pueblo Pluto" has the scene where Pluto is trapped in a cactus patch, and starts panicking so much he starts imagining all the cacti coming to life and lunging after him. You ever think a cactus couldn't be freaky-looking? Think again.
  • Stock Parody Jokes: His infamous Furry Confusion with Goofy has resulted in many jokes about Pluto being either a mentally-disabled man being treated as a pet by Mickey, or the two taking part in a fetish roleplay with one as the master and the other as the pet.


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