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YMMV / Planetarium

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: The mathemagician, especially after you reach the last part. Did he orchestrate this entire plot with the planetarium and the boy robot out of pure love for the girl? If so, did he love her as a friend, a daughter, or even a lover (and the boy robot is meant to be his way of being together with the girl in some form, even if this would be kind of creepy considering that the girl is clearly much younger than the mathemagician)?
  • The Woobie: One puzzle in part V interprets moths as this: they lack the beauty of their butterfly cousins, can only come out at night when the sunlight and flowers they long for are gone or closed up, and either kill themselves or suffer from head concussions when they try getting close to the light sources they can actually see. Allegedly, everyone around them would become subliminally depressed from their nighttime lamentations if their voices were just a little bit louder.