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YMMV / Necromunda

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  • Crazy Awesome: The Arch Zealot of the Redemption. Purges heretics and mutants with chainsword and flamer, has a flamethrower hat, and is considered too extreme by the other Redemptionists. What's not to like?
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • When the plot was first developed in 1990, the idea of mining pollutants and prospecting for technology were nice conceits. Nowadays however, there are places where soil is so polluted you can mine it for cesium, and many people make their living scouring landfills for electronic items richer countries have discarded.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Years later the initial release of Necromunda, the Tau would be introduced to 40K, and the names of the Spyrers' suits all happened to be words in the Tau language that accurately described the suits' abilities. Note that when they were first introduced, the Spyrers' suits were said to use alien technology. Later, Games Workshop just happened to add an alien race to the setting who are technologically advanced and much more open to other races than just about anyone else in the setting.

      At least one Tau Codex actually makes the connection between the Spyrers' suits and the Tau explicit, with a note that it has the Inquisition deeply concerned about the flow of xeno-tech that deeply into the Imperium.

      However, making all the more confusing is that Spyrer gear is supposed to be ancient. Far older than the 300-or-thereabouts years the Imperium has known about the Tau. What the implication of that are is anybody's guess.

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