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YMMV / MythBusters (2017)

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  • Broken Base: A subset of the fandom are dissing the show on the fact that it does not star Adam and Jamie or feature the build team. Another group feels that the shortlisting on The Search wasn't up to task and would rather see the other contestants of their choice (the most popular being Allen Pan, a very popular figure in the makers circle) get the role. On the other hand, other fans are just glad that it's back on air, and some are even glad that it has gotten a fresh coat of paint by means of completely new hosts.
  • Franchise Original Sin: Several of the major criticisms of the revival were also common criticisms of the original show's later seasons.
    • The overuse of explosions and high-speed camera footage as the show's main selling point. This has been true of the original series for a long time - the show famously hit the mainstream by blowing up a cement truck - but got so common in the later seasons that Adam and Jaime would regularly lampshade it.
    • The myths transitioning from well-known myths and urban legends to the investigation of movie stunts, tropes, internet videos, or 'myths' that were simply an excuse to do something cool was an extremely common (and inevitable, as there are only so many well-known myths) complaint of later seasons of the original.
  • Squick:
    • When Brian and Jon test flatulence myths, they decide that the best way to scientifically test the composition of farts is to collect their own. This results in Jon waddling around in a pair of water-filled waders with a gas collecting tube hanging off the side while Brian shoves a tube up where the sun doesn't shine. Then they pig out on gas-inducing foods to emit as much of it as possible.
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    • When testing if an arrow shot straight up will kill you on the way down, the first arrow deflects off the real skull in the fake head, continues down across the forehead, and pops its eye out. The fact it's a fake eye is small comfort.


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