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  • Acceptable Targets: There are numerous examples, but the main one is pop culture and celebrities as a whole. As the catchphrase of the show states, "Because fuck pop culture."
    • Turns into Acceptable Hard Luck Targets when Michael Riley is the victim. Mike has even been known to do this to himself.
    • Adam Snyder is a huge Acceptable Hard Luck Target due to the reason he was kicked off the show to begin with: uncomfortable language and almost racism. This has been toned back in recent episodes.
  • Bizarro Episode: The 2013 April Fools Day episode was done backwards (starting with the end theme and ending with the Mental News Stories).
    • And the 2014 April Fools Day show (which actually aired on April 1) was an anachronism episode, featuring news from 2004.
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    • And again with the 2015 April Fools Day show (whch also aired on April 1), in which the cast of Dartboard Cinema recorded that week's Mental Cast, while the Mental Cast cast for that week recorded Dartboard Cinema.
    • The March 14, 2015 episode of the show was done in the format of @midnight.

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