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YMMV / Lisa Germano

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The calliope/circus music samples placed through Geek the Girl. Some critics have taken this as Germano attempting to lighten the atmosphere (a good example being when it is heard after the song below).
  • Nightmare Fuel: "… A Psychopath" is sung (in a disconcertingly child-like voice) from the perspective of a woman being stalked, who lies in her bed with a baseball bat and can of mace, paralysed in terror. If this wasn't enough to put it in Nightmare Fuel territory, there's a recording of a real 911 call playing in the background, featuring a horrified woman with an intruder in her house.
    • Someone commenting on the video above noted that, at the 2:10 mark, it sounds like the woman says "Bundy," making the song that much creepier...


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