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YMMV / Iolanta

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  • Genre Blindness: When Robert isn't impressed a bit by the sight of Iolanta, Vaudemont is shocked and offended that anyone could remain cold when seeing such beauty. Really, Gottfried, you are in an opera. You should be screaming Big "YES!" to celebrate the fact that you're one of the few lucky tenors who don't have a rival in a baritone. Baritones when scorned often tend to spoil things for everyone around, you know.
  • Fair for Its Day: And amazingly so, considering the presence of Ebn-Hakia – there are absolutely no racist undertones.
    • Granted, at one point René says that Ebn-Hakia’s face is as dark as his mysterious science and a couple of minutes later calls him a cruel Moor. But in that particular scene Ebn-Hakia tells him just how thin Iolanta’s chance for recovery is, so it wasn’t meant as exactly racist, René was just letting out his anger and despair.

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