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YMMV / Hot Blooded Woman

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  • Ho Yay:
    • When Haji flashes her underwear to distract Moya, there's a bunch of guy and a girl blushing. Similarly, after Haji got a haircut, there's clearly a woman blushing at her.
    • Junghyeop's devotion to Hanseo can be taken as a one-sided love in a way.
    • The way Hanseo "bullies" Muhyeon is a bit flirty.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • When Aram, in Haji's body, orders Hanseo to beat Haji up and torture her, in order to hurt both her and Shinwoo out of jealousy. She does realize her wrongdoings afterward, but this is honestly why almost nobody in-universe likes her.
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    • Hanseo has a nasty habit of crossing this because of his Yandere nature toward Haji and his own sociopathy. From attempting to rape her and torturing her when she was still in Aram's body due to his misunderstanding, to throwing her down a roof after she regains her body, but the worst part has to be when he almost destroys her completely (in her Aram's body) as a way to punish both her and Taehoo and then saying that it's fun. He still thinks that Haji is Aram when he does that, though, but it's really saying something when Haji, who is normally incredibly forgiving of Hanseo, shouts at him angrily that she regrets being his friend. Luckily for him that she suffers from amnesia afterward and forgets all about that, or she would definitely no longer put up with his bullshit.
  • Recycled Script: This series is mostly seen as just another "typical Hwang Miri series" due to sharing similar character designs, plot points and cliches with her other series. However, to give it some credits, the series is actually very enjoyable to read on its own, if you are not familiar with Hwang Miri's other works and don't intend to read them.
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  • The Scrappy: Many readers dislike Moya and find him very annoying. Considering that he’s an arrogant Jerkass who got Haji into this mess just because of his selfish feelings for Aram, yet still had the gall to complain and nag Haji all the time for not listening to him, it’s not hard to see why.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Near the end of part 1, when Aram is revealed to be an orphan who was lonely her whole life, and loved her adoptive father dearly, it’s clear that the author wants us to pity her. However, by the time we knows that, Aram has already done shits like ordering Hanseo to torture and even almost rape Haji (who was in Aram’s body at the time) just to get back at Shinwoo. Any sympathy the readers might have has already gone.
  • What an Idiot!: For some reasons, Hanseo never figured out that Aram-in-Haji’s-body is not the same Haji he knew, despite her obviously drastically changed behaviors. To his credit, he did notice that Haji-in-Aram’s-body acted like his Haji, but he let his jealousy of her closeness with Shinwoo cloud his better judgments.

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