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YMMV / High School High

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  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • In regards to the missing high school vice principal, virtually everyone (students and teachers alike) treat his disappearance as a joke, with one student even making light of the possibility that he's buried underneath someone's porch. And upon the school's reputation getting better, he returns unharmed, only for him to be abducted in broad daylight once again after the school goes back to becoming a hellhole.
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    • During the climax of the film, when Clark is in a fight with Doyle, they stumble into a self-defense class full of women and end up in the exact same pose of a man grappling a woman on a poster seen in the background proclaiming "Don't Be a Victim!"
    • The many different ways the statue of Marion Barry is defaced throughout the film also counts, even at one point the school's name being written as "Marion Barry Is High".
  • Unacceptable Targets: While the film doesn't treat actual inner-city schools or gangland drama with derision, it was still an irreverent take on a film genre that was so deeply rooted in reality (Roger Ebert referred to the film's premise as "kicking it's subjects when they're down"), not to mention still plays one of it's more unfortunate tropes very straight.
  • Values Resonance: In regards to Julie and her multiple teen pregnancies. Although such a subject matter is still a strong source of debate, the fact that teen pregnancy isn't nearly as stigmatized as it was when this film came out helps it to be this trope. Furthermore, in spite of the film mocking the fact that she had three children before graduating high school, she is still portrayed as a good mother, bringing her babies to class with her and is in a committed relationship with her boyfriend and the children's father, who also loves her and their family.

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