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YMMV / Harry Potter and the Something Something

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  • Crosses the Line Twice: The whole of the Dursley's abuse (not to mention Harry's blasé recounting of it all), especially Vernon's line:
    "Well, what if I were to violate you sexually?"
    • Nott making the common fandom point of Voldemort not having a nose. To his face.
    Voldemort growled. "Right here is fine. I can't smell anything, anyway."
    "But sir, you don't have a nose," Nott pointed out.
    A quick Cutting Curse later and Nott didn't have a nose, either.
    "Anyone else not want to smell anything?" Voldemort asked calmly.
    Aside from Nott's screams of pain, no one made a sound.
    • Dumbledore initially objects to using the students as meatshieldsnote , because the majority of them are too short to provide him with proper cover. He then reconsiders it when he realises that he could pick them up and use them like an actual shield, congratulating a rather confused and appalled McGonagall for "coming up with the idea"(read: saying that he can't use Ministry employees as meatshields, and nothing else).


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