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YMMV / Fools

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  • Designated Villain: A strange Double Subversion happens with Count Gregor. He is initially presented as this with a ridiculous 'bad guy' outfit and causes all of the villagers to tremble with fear when the only "bad" thing he wants to do is marry a pretty girl and break the curse. Later he even Lampshades this and expresses his wish to just be liked. He then seemingly has a Pet the Dog moment when he adopts Leon so that he can marry Sophia and break the curse as a Yousekevitch...only for him to interrupt the ceremony, point out that Leon isn't actually adopted and try to force Sophia to marry him, all while revealing that he actually is as bad as everyone said.
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  • Fridge Logic: A lot, mainly since the curse is very inconsistent. But it could also double as Fridge Brilliance since the curse isn't real, just a placebo effect on the villagers, so why should the curse make sense?

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