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Subjective tropes present in Ætherion.

  • Game-Breaker: The Spirit stat, especially buffs that increase it. The developers underestimated how powerful it was, so it is quite easy to stack tons of Spirit buffs and devastate enemies with spells. Alaria's Blessing is particularly popular, since it's the strongest Spirit buff in the game and she has a number of powerful Spirit-based techniques.
    • The final support skills are also extraordinarily potent — Radiance gives instant healing and buffing to the entire party, Windwalk gives haste and a minor Spirit buff to the party, and Glacial Wall heals and provides a 50% shield to everyone. If you cast all three at the beginning of a battle, you can easily devastate your enemies.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Raythe are pretty much this incarnate; they feed on fear, among other emotions, so they will try to invoke it by appearing as the most terrifying things imaginable.
    • Specifically, though — Rips into the Raythe's home dimension are opened within people. So your friends can abruptly explode into blood and become a portal to another dimension that spews out horrific monsters at any moment.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: You can't pause during battles. At all.
    • This is changed in the revamp. Battles now pause during skill selection.

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