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YMMV / Adventure Time S 5 E 30 Frost And Fire

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  • Broken Base: The fandom was basically divided by the episode. One side (detailed below) was absolutely livid and set to work writing Fix Fic after Fix Fic. The other side was made up of Finn/Princess Bubblegum (Fubblegum) or Finn/Marceline (Finnceline) shippers who were happy about the Finn/Flame Princess ship being sunk, as it gave them hope (even though PB is too old for him, and Finn and Marceline are not interested in each other romantically, yet the Twilight appeal of Finnceline allows its popularity to endure). It managed to spark a shipping war nearing Avatar: The Last Airbender levels in terms of viciousness.
  • Internet Backdraft: Like with "Too Young" a little under two years prior, the fan community exploded in outrage over the Finn/Flame Princess (Flinn) ship being sunk. This was a bit of a different case, though, as, depending on who you ask, Finn had it coming after what he did. Fans are, to this day, still assigning blame:
    • Finn is, of course, the most to blame for setting up the fight against Flame Princess and Ice King, and getting the Ice Kingdom destroyed
    • Flame Princess also gets flak for not listening to Finn's explanation, as well as for allowing one bad experience to render all of the good times she and Finn had non-existent; a few angry shippers vented their feelings by demonizing Flame Princess into becoming a villain seeking to kill Finn
    • Jake, a person Finn trusts with his life, egged him on and said he absolutely had to stage the fight
    • The Cosmic Owl is seen by some as the THE REASON for Finn/Flame Princess shipping being sunk, and some fanfiction writers have the Cosmic Owl state he did so because he thought their relationship could still destroy the world (even though Flame Princess' elemental matrix was stabilized in "Burning Low"), leading him to get flak from the other deities for meddling in their relationship
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    • Ice King gets some flak for setting Flame Princess off and planting the concept in Finn's head in the first place

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