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YMMV / A Dangerous Method

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  • Genius Bonus: During the concluding debate between Freud and Jung, the discussion revolves around Akhenaten. Jung refuses to see any significance in the life of the Pharoah and even calls him by Amenhotep IV while Freud keeps calling him Akhenaten. Freud's Moses and Monotheism suggests that the Pharoah Shed the Family Name and renamed himself as a form of patricide, a dynamic which the scene inverts with Jung who formerly saw Freud as a father figure, attacking his theory and abjuring Akhenaten's view to better fit his idea of the collective unconscious.
  • Ho Yay: Jung and Freud, dear God. Their first conversation lasts thirteen hours straight because they are so fascinated with each other. Then they have deep discussions about the human psyche while Freud sucks on cigars and eventually, Jung disappoints him by falling in love with a patient. Not to mention that Jung seems to recover very quickly from his affair with Sabina, while his argument with Freud leaves him completely crushed.
    • Jung's wife gives him a nifty little sailboat. We see him take two people with him when he goes sailing: Sabina and Freud.
    • Also, Jung's face when Freud collapses from his stroke.

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