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Webcomic / Satan Ninja 198 X

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Cover of Issue 1

Satan Ninja 198X is a long-form webcomic created by Adam Dravian (writer) and Jessica Safron (artist, writer). It's an action-comedy that draws influence from all sorts of 1980s media, especially B-movies.

The story follows a high school dweeb in the '80s whose life gets radically altered when he accidentally acquires an ancient ninja gauntlet, which gives the wearer the powers of a Satan Ninja.

It's important to note that the Satan Ninja isn't evil. He's just bad.

The webcomic is available for free at It might be rated R for "Too RAD For Work," but be warned, it is recommended for mature readers only.

This webcomic provides examples of:

  • '80s Hair: Many of the female characters sport a complete Aqua Net package in all it's glory. Some rad mullets for some of the males as well.
  • Ninja: The dorky main character finds a magic glove that turns him into a ninja with infernal powers. Also there's a clan of satanic ninjas that dwell in the sewers.