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Game in Real Life is a video series that combines live action video and animation. It's story is told wordlessly, from the perspective of 2 Geometry Dash players.

A boy is playing Geometry Dash. His cube goes off screen, and shows up in real life as a moving decal on the wall. However, eventually it goes 3D and off the wall, prompting the boy to chase after the cube, just to see where it goes. Eventually, it stops, and then it goes through the portal.


The next episode, entitled Where it All Began, has a much deeper plot. A man is playing Geometry Dash, when the boy from last time is on the win screen, and tells the man to retry the level. When the man retries the level, instead of a cube, he plays as the boy. Not only that, but at one point the level bears a resemblance to that of the Sonic games, complete with Sonic himself, and it also bears a resemblance to a Mario level afterward. When the level ends, both the boy's cube and the boy himself comes back to reality through a portal. However, the portal doesn't just bring the boy back; a swarm of video game characters enter real life.




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