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Wild Mass Guess is God, Jesus, a Time Lord, AND a vulcan.

  • Can't forget being Haruhi.

If a Wild Mass Guess entry does not mention a Time Lord, it is not a Wild Mass Guess entry.

I dare you to find one that doesn't.

  • The person who wrote this theory is probably a Time Lord.

Most of the people putting stuff in certain pages are creators of Nightmare Fuel.

That or total pessimists.

Actually, scratch that.

They're reading WAAAY too far into things, they're trying to scare people, or they're just plain morons.


Wild Mass guess was phone.

All theories on WMG are true.
ALL of them. The ones that were Jossed will turn out to be true later.
  • And then re-Jossed and re-affirmed in an infinite loop.

All theories on WMG are false.
Well, not all of them; the confirmed theories are true, and obviously this one must be true or we would be caught in Epiminides' paradox. But everything else is exactly as it appears to be with no tomfoolery, crossovers, or hidden meanings.

Wild Mass Guess is just a hallucination by tropers who are high on acid.

All Wild Mass Guesses are caused by Haruhi Suzumiya.

Since she seems to turn up every single time.

This Wild Mass Guess is false.

Wild Mass Guesses are immune to paradoxes, having built up a resistance due to all of the guesses that contradict themselves. Thus, all guesses are true, false, neither, a paradox, and not a paradox, all at once.


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