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The President will reward Emily with a new smart phone and an offer to be inducted to a US Military Academy.
Considering she was the first to expose evidence of the attempted coup on the US Government, and lost her phone in the effort, all the President has to do is make one phone call to the handset manufacturer of her choice and they will surely want to provide a top of the line model for all the publicity.

Furthermore, at least one of the senior military command officers is bound to note that Emily showed amazing courage and skill at urban reconnaissance getting that footage and posting it online. As such, the President will offer her a place in any of the US military branches Officer academies when she graduates from high school. She might still want to go to civilian journalism school instead, but it's still nice to have a choice.


Muriel Walker won't actually be jailed, despite Carol's threat.

There's really nothing they can use against her. She clearly wasn't aware of her husband's plans, and she didn't provide any help either. All she actually did was defiantly voice her support after Martin assured her it was for her dead son. It'd probably never hold up in court, especially when she could play the "mother in mourning over fallen soldier" card.


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