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Kail's Party Members in the Original Timeline
  • Chapter 27 of the manga adaption hints Kail's final party members were Seran, Urza, Minagi, and Zentos.
  • The light novel only directly mentions Urza (she died defeating the penultimate boss before the Demon Lord). Minagi and Seran are alluded to.
The Demon Lord is a Well-Intentioned Extremist and there is a Bigger Bad that we don't know about.
  • The Demon Lord definitely wasn't building up that Mana to time travel with for no reason. So then, what the hell was he going to use it for?
    • This is supported with the fact that even as a Training Simulacrum, Kail still lost to him. Therefore, it is likely that his death was due to throwing his fight for a bigger plan.
      • I don't agree with this justification. Kail is losing the training simulacrum because (using gaming terms for sake of brevity): he doesn't have the high stats as his original self (he wants to avoid using the forbidden and fatal methods used in the first run), doesn't have all his god equipment, isn't maxed leveled, and doesn't have full access to his skill set (because of stat, level, equipment requirements). Kail is losing because he isn't at his prime yet. He keeps training to test his progress, and figure out a new method to kill the Demon Lord without it requiring a double suicide. Indeed it's been mentioned that Kail has higher magic potential this time around, meaning he can learn more powerful spells/techniques he couldn't before. Kail should be more powerful in their second match, if he plays his cards right.
      • Still, the possibility is open for a Thanatos Gambit we haven't seen yet.
The Time-traveling Dragon Stone in Kail's possession will be used once more.
  • As seen in the Calen Story Arc, the stone absorbed a mana-bomb so that it doesn't explode, and end up destroying a city. Kind of obvious that the Dragon Stone is being built up to eventually having full mana-capacity again to perform another time jump somewhere down the line.
    • The Dragon Stone can be used for more than just time jumping. It's only mentioned that time jumping requires a MASSIVE amount of mana to pull off, however it's NOT the only thing it can be used for. For whatever reason, the Demon Lord had it configured for time travel, but an equally powerful spellcaster could probably alter it to perform something else. Theoretically a full powered Dragon Stone can be used for other divine feats, like resurrecting someone or unleashing an extinction event explosion.
Kail is the Demon Lord.
  • This is mentioned in other entries, but there are a couple hints that seem to say that Kail and the new Demon Lord have a close connection. Obviously, both have a black feather motif, but the big hint seems to be his relationship with Ganias and the fact that the Demon Lord has no horns. It's easily possible for the reborn Kail, with access to the dragon heart and his improved mana, to take the place of the Demon Lord. It could even be "Kail" from a different alternate timeline or due to the influence of the Goddess.
The Humans are the ones that started the war
  • Many of the people in the Original Timeline that Kail trusted, turned out ot be bad all along. This could foreshadow the big reveal that it was humans the ones that are going to star the war.

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