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Aeduan is the son of Eridysi and the general.
At the end of Sightwitch, we know that Eridysi was pregnant with the general's son when the two of them were frozen. And when Ryber finds Eridysi's journal and cards in the chamber, there are two empty, adult-sized holes in the room. The general's daughters are there, just like the journal says, but Eridysi and the general are clearly missing. So where did they go?
  • In addition, Lisbet, upon revealing to Eridysi that she's pregnant, mentions of her half brother that "he's going to make a very good older brother one day". Lisbet and her sister were not older than ten when they were frozen. Aeduan is around twenty now.
  • And Aeduan is half-Nomatsi. The general is said to be Nomatsi, while Eridysi wasn't.
  • Bloodwitch heavily implies this to be the case, with the revelations that Aeduan's mother's name was "Dysi", that Ragnor once had a previous wife and two daughters, and that Ragnor knows an unusual amount about things that happened a millennium ago and calls Kullen "Bastien". Not to mention Esme claiming that Aeduan has no Threads because he was born in the "sleeping ice" and Ragnor being addressed as "General".

Stix is one of the Twelve Paladins.
She's a full Waterwitch, and in Sightwitch we learn that the only other full elemental Witch seen, Kullen, is one of the Paladins.
  • Confirmed in Bloodwitch.

Weaverwitches can heal Cleaving as well as cause it.
Iseult could use this to heal the Hell-Bards.

Owl is one of the Paladins.
She has a mysterious bond with a mountain bat, and appears to be an extremely powerful Earthwitch.
  • Bloodwitch implies that this is likely the case.

Stix is Baile.
She seems to be drawn to images of her, almost as if there's a particular familiarity...


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