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In the long run, the team is destined for a long stretch of at best mediocrity

Whenever a player that is not one of the main cast is subbed (usually due to some sort of adventure), that player is usually of a much lower skill compared to the player they replaced, and at times tend to be nervous and way out of their depth. Supa Strikas are not seen bringing in new recruits and rarely show the people who sub for the regulars even at training. Once players such as Big Bo, El Matador and Dancing Rasta start retiring, the lack of depth and farming means they will be replaced with inferior players. The best chance it has in the long run is Shakes, the youngest member, teaching the skills and winning mindset to the new players, but it's a slender thread to hang the team's future on.


Interestingly enough Invincible United is the only team shown trying to bring new blood into the organization and showing planning for the future. If they got a better coach they would win the Super League trophy.


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