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Natalie (the girl rescued from the SUV) died in Los Angeles.
This girl wasn't a bright bulb in the first place.
  • But not Too Dumb to Live: She is shown meeting up with her boyfriend at the end.

Ray loses his job for abandoning his post in a disaster and misuse of disaster resources.
  • So he moves to England when his daughter marries Ben.
  • He's sent to prison for: Dereliction of duty, stealing an LAFD helicopter, re-stealing a truck, stealing a large airplane, and stealing a speedboat.

After Daniel's death is officially confirmed, Emma will inherit his fortune.
  • Aside from Daniel's sister, Emma's probably the only other named beneficiary in his will. Once Daniel and his sister are officially declared dead, simultaneous death laws will allow Emma to claim what was originally going to Daniel's sister.

The sequel will be a prequel to Pacific Rim.
  • It's been said about that the idea for a sequel to focus on the other tectonically active areas on the Pacific, AKA The Pacfic Rim. Cue the reveal that the Kaiju have been causing earthquakes and The Rock has to stop the first invasion through the rift. Turns out San Francisco was already in pretty dire straits when that first Kaiju took a whack at it.

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