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Robert is actually a mass of angry, psychic dinosaur ghosts.
Rubber is made of petroleum, which is made from fossils. Robert is a tire haunted by the ghosts of the dinosaurs the fossils of which became the petroleum used to make Robert. They are angry that they are all jumbled together in a synthetic object, and have psychic head 'splodey. He's obsessed with the female motorist because Humans are delicious.

The film is a message
But a message to who? Grapes are here. They aren't for eating. Wendy is going to want the grapes to be raisins. Why? No ...raisin!
  • Why did they have more than 8 raisins? Why Wendy? That is our message; No reason.
  • Wendy only had seven grapes, Guadalupe has the raisins, and both had the rest of the grapes. Why more raisins from grapes? Why did Guadalupe have raisins and not grapes, but more raisins? How do they know each others' grape/raisin number? No reason is here.

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