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Madoka and Madokami are going to destroy all Witches in the Multiverse
Considering the amount of foreshadowing I’ve seen, and the dialog between her and Madokami, it’s a pretty safe bet that this is going to happen.
Homura is going to become a magical genius
Hey, she was smart enough to learn how to construct BOMBS and somehow hijack guns from the Yakuza. Plus, what was with all that artillery in episode 12? Girl is a master thief. Now, adding that diligence to the current universe, she will probably master Magecraft in no time.
Something bad is going to happen to Sayaka
I mean, something always does. And it will involve Hitomi and that guy whose name is always forgotten.
Kyubey has emotions as a result of the wish
Either that or he’s faking them very well.


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