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  • Organic Technology: What it seems that the Weapons used by the onimusha seem to be comprised of, or at least slight Magitek, my guess is that the "souls" you see are actually some form of battery that powers most of the Genma, and a weapon or gauntlet that absorbs enough of them Mutates into a more powerful form.
    • Possibly, it's highly implied in games (especially 2 and 3) that the Oni's technology was far superior to the one of Genma and humans (Guildenstern even copied the Oni's projects to do the Time Folder. Furthermore, most Genma are artificial in origins (created by Fortinbras or Guildenstern)
    • The organic tech argument makes sense if you regard the first Oni weapon you ever see in the game, the Raizen, in it's first stage it just looks like a ornate sword, but once you get it to level 3, look very closely at the spikes protruding from it, the tips of them are held up by what looks to be tiny branches of muscle, if you take the organic weapon theory even further, the first three all have a noticable "bulk" somewhere on the weapon, Raizen, Enryuu and shippuu all have it, I theorize that is where the "magic" comes from, an organ in the weapon that produces the kind of element that comes out the weapons along the blade, generally the Raizen acts more like a Taser, the Enryuu coats the blade in flames, and the Shippuu, when twirled, uses its fan like blades to generate a very localized tornado.