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Kleya is an ex-LiFe programmer.
  • Kleya is a former programmer working on LiFe, and she inserted D into the server back then. TenKA doesn't like it because it prevents their hacking.

Kleya didn't hack the geomagnetic field, at least not directly.
Simply because doing it directly seems unreasonable.
  • She was busy demolishing hospitals and hijacking mecha armies to kill people with other hackers at the time. It is quite possible the natural disasters were unrelated.
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  • The geomagnetic field might have been disrupted by an aborted reversal starting (similar to the one around the time the Neanderthals got wiped out that we had here) which knocked it all sorts out of whack and made it look like it basically got hacked (and probably nuked all the satellites to make it look like they got hacked brutally). It's still going on, and whatever crisis caused supervolcanoes and other stuff is shifting the plates around. The poles are shifting because the (probably aborted) magnetic reversal is going on in addition to whatever else is going on.

Germany City is defunct because a regular volcano hit its area earlier.
  • There are still regular volcanoes going on more rapidly than usual according to D's checking. The city was declared defunct and most of it evacuated, but BugMan is surviving in a miracle area on his own.

Bloody Mary/Jane is Mina and Mae's mother.
  • She doesn't arrive to the team meeting because she needs to help her children right around the same time Mae's having more avatar troubles, she is an Outsider who specifically mentions "no one about to die" while snapping at the Dude (remember Mae's condition is likely more serious than her family lets on), and the dolls she uses for her special look somewhat like Mina and Mae.

Kleya Didn't Really cause the End
  • She was Convinced that she was the source of all the Trouble because her father Stole her hacks and Nearly killed everyone, and Thus she is Attempting to Redeem herself for what he did.

Bandit doesn't know that the Angus twins led to people dying

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