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Celestia founded the Order of the Stars herself in secret, in order to further her plans to save Darklight Star from her evil.
  • Jossed. Celestia didn't found them and has suspicions over their motives.
koolerkid has no plans to continue the story and is just drinking in our delicious tears of dissappointment.
The confrontation between the Element Bearers and Darklight Star will turn out very different due to the latter's foreknowledge of 'past' events.
Darklight Star has Twilight's memories, and will know how her confrontation with Nightmare Moon turned out.
Blasting Darklight Star with the Rainbow will leave behind Twilight.
Twilight used an illusion to cover her cutie mark. Assuming the fanon of the Rainbow restoring things to the way they are meant to be holds true, the blast will remove all enchantments from Twilight, including the aforementioned illusion.
"Bright Eyes" of the Order of the Stars is actually Derpy Hooves
It isn't the first time she's used that particular alias.

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