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The Collaborators are the real heroes.
The Protector factions are portrayed as the most unambiguous "good guys," standing against some of the worst monsters out there, like the Destroyer and Fiends factions (Subterrans, Swarm, Planet Eaters, Lords of Cthul, and whatever else comes up). However, they are perfectly willing to ally with Radicals, who if they get their way would throw mankind back to the Stone Age and cause a massive dieoff of human population.

The Collaborator factions, on the other hand, oppose the Radical agenda and are instead willing to ally with the Invaders, who if they win will merely take resources or land from humanity. It may even be possible to reach a beneficial compromise with the Tritons, where humans simply move to higher ground than the ocean could ever flood, and in return they help fight off some of the worse enemies of mankind. They oppose the Fiends and Destroyers much like the Protectors, while also opposing the human-hating Radicals.


In short, the Collaborators' allies are bad, but the Protectors' allies are worse. They oppose the same factions, except for the one they ally with other than each other. Therefore, the Collaborators' agenda might be self-serving, but is less ultimately destructive than the Protectors' agenda.

  • This message brought to you by the cooperation of Uber-Corp International and the Shadowsun Corporation

The Elemental Champions will have a fifth element monster.
Their fifth monster will have morphers of earth, fire, water, and air. Its metamorph form will be a fifth element.
  • Or a creature created from the merging of all four elements.
    • Their fifth monster will be powered by Love?(or heart?)
      • Aether/quintessence[1] possibly.

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