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The 5 Ronin miniseries is set in the 1602 universe
5 Ronin is set in 1600, so the timeline matches up — especially with the fact that Deadpool, Wolverine and the Punisher are all (in-universe) older than Spider-Man or the original X-Men. The only problem with this idea is that both series have a Hulk; except, really, the 5 Ronin Hulk is only the Hulk in that you wouldn't like him when he's angry. He could just as easily be the 1602 equivalent of Thunderbolt Ross.

Since the events of 5 Ronin take place entirely in Japan, there's absolutely no reason this should have any bearing on the characters of 1602. Well, unless O-Chio Braddock decides to go looking for her father's family...


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