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Headscratchers / Marvel 1602

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  • ''How was The Invisible Woman being held prisoner by Dr. Doom? I'm prepared to believe she was incapable of escaping like the others, I just can't figure out what hold he had on her.
    • Yeah, that bugged me too. I guess she was imprisoned in some sort of a cage in Doom's bedroom.
    • It looks like some sort of glass tube given the way it shatters. I guess Doom also had some way to make it soundproof as well. When you think about it, that is a fairly clever way to torment her: unlike the others, she is put in a spot where there will be people around her. And nobody notices her.
      • It's also located in his bed chambers; there's a panel where Doom preens in front of it, naked, after having had sex with the Black Widow. The implication is that he forces her to watch.
  • Is it me or did This Is My Name on Foreign go off the rails with "Bobby Drake -> Roberto Trefusis"? Sure, the change in surname is a clever nod to Francis Drake, but why exactly does this never-hinted-to-be-Spanish kid have a Cornish surname with a Spanish first name?
    • My guess is that the original plan was to make all the Witchbreed Spanish to better explain their interactions with the Inquisition but Gaiman just couldn't resist adding in the Francis Drake joke. Of course, only Bobby and Xavier get Spaniard-ized names, so I admit this hypothesis is faulty.

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