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  • Victor and Gregory will do a Heel–Face Turn, since in the opening, before and after their introduction, they're featured next to Gilbert, implying that they're going to join the main team.
    • Then again, the fact that they are always slightly shadowed while Gilbert is brightly colored might be an allusion to how they are also humans, but have betrayed Earth.
  • Episode 25 revealed that it is possible to summon 2 Majin at the same time. Seeing as the area that appears when summoning a Majin has a total of 9 squares, its likely up to 9 Bones can simultaneously be used to summon Majin at the same time.
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  • Liebert will have her Bone upgraded to Iron. Considering how tough their enemies have become, and since the humans have found the secret to upgrading Bones, this is very likely.

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