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The magic works according to Mage: The Ascension rules.
  • Think of it this way and it honestly works really well!
    • All of the club members realize that the 'magic cards' they put on the wands don't matter, all that matters is what they were thinking about when they tried to cast a spell. In other words, it's the will to create magic that matters, not the actual rituals.
    • Akane tries to cast an improvised spell with a picture of her wand (her focus) and it almost works.
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    • Akane's magic always spins because she has a higher resonance which expresses itself as spinning.
    • Sae moves beyond foci and can use her magic without them during the TV season.
    • Jinno appears as an expression of Sae's avatar to help her complete a seeking.
    • Several times the club magicians work together to combine their power to make the same effect, something which Mages can do in Mage: The Ascension when they need to do really big effects.
    • The bell aliens are totally some construct made by the Technocracy to identify, capture, and punish magic users.

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