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The reason Ragana's fire magic was so weak as a child is because she is not actually a Fire elf.

The only Love-elemental elf we've seen/heard of in the series at all is Emily Jones' grandmother, who left Elvendale for unspecified reasons. If no other Love elves have turned up since then, the teachers at her school would probably not know how to identify her powers and assume that she is a fire elf because of reasons (geographic distribution? worryingly absent parents were also fire elves?). The inclusion of a Love elf is also the only way in which the elemental powers can be combined, which, as we've seen, is the only way in which the Evil Lime-Green Shit (TM) can be defeated. It is in the ELGS's interest, therefore, to target any Love elves as soon as they appear, to prevent any combining of the powers.Additional observations/guesses:

  • Maybe this is why Emily Jones' grandmother left Elvendale for a world with no magic: if magic doesn't work there, the ELGS can't target her.
  • In the webisode where we see Ragana's corruption by the ELGS (which didn't go anything like the "she sought it out deliberately to make her powers stronger" narrative we were given in the movie), the gem on her tiara is a heart shape.
  • Potentially the way is open for Ragana to detox from the ELGS and its textbook abusive relationship manipulation of her; after all, Naida straight-up murdered Emily Jones under the influence of the ELGS and everyone's apparently totally cool with welcoming her back into the fold.

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