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Ryou's Parents are Foreign Spies.

After Episode 11a/ Chapter 13, what we know about Ryou's parent's "work" that puts the girl to Parental Abandonment are as follows:
  1. They are posted outside of Japan.
  2. They are extremely vital positions, although Kirin's mom and Ryou herself differ on how important they are; at least they make or break a city.
  3. It's top-secret. Nobody is comfortable describing it, even when asked by a person as close as Kirin.
  4. No family breaks allowed. Ryou still remember how her mother looks, but they haven't been seeing her for a whole year in in-universe time.
  5. They think Ryou is enough of a Living MacGuffin to need a bodyguard. They even think Kirin needs a bodyguard.
It's hard to think of any other positions that fits these descriptions.
  • Chapter 28 gives one more hint: Ryou's mom's workplace can have "serious explosions."

Ryou's grandmother was taken out as a soft target.

She knew that she didn't have much time left so she passed the apron onto Akira.

The grandmother portrait in Ryou's residence is secretly a Harry Potter-type image.

She's just really good at keeping poses static when the camera is pointed in that direction during the final episode.

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