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George wrote The Mapleverse to make up to the characters for the hell he put them through in the Veraverse and other stories.

Ludwig and Feliciano are high school sweethearts who never had to deal with war or long years of separation. Gilbert and Roderich have an odd relationship, but at least they're together. Matthew and Francis have a typical romantic comedy (with Second-Act Breakup followed by a grand gesture that brings them and everyone else together) rather than the rushed comings and goings they had in the Veraverse. Alfred's a star football player and he and Arthur are together. Little Peter is alive and well and taking dance lessons from Antonio, who still had to do the Jail Bait Wait with Lovino, but they end up together and happy. (Don't expect Lovino to admit it, though.) Everyone is alive with all body parts intact. We also get a Giripan cameo, but there's no telling what became of them in the Veraverse....


Regarding Giripan in the Veraverse:

First off, it's hard to say how Heracles would exist in the Veraverse considering it's established that Roma married Helen (Ancient Greece). It's possible that she had a baby before she met Roma and had to give him up for adoption. (Would explain her bad attitude.) It's possible that before they had Renaesia they had a son that left one fall (everyone leaves Roma in the fall) and Roma never spoke of again. Both scenarios would make him at least middle aged by the time the stories happen. (Not that George couldn't work with that.) To have him be closer to everyone else's age, he could be a third Vargas brother who Roma had to give up for adoption. (Two is a handful, three was just too much.) Or, Heracles could be either the son of Helen's illigitimate child or Roma's other runaway child. Gender is unimportant; names can be changed.


Once Heracles' existance is established, there's the plot. Greece was invaded by Italy and Germany, but Japan was over on the other side of the world. Heracles would have to be an American G.I., albeit one of Greek ancestory. Kiku could be a Japanese soldier. (Maybe a Kamekazi pilot, knowing George's love of tragedy.) Perhaps the setting is an American POW camp. Or Kiku could be a Japanese-American in one of the internment camps. Either way, a romance forbidden on so many levels.

And what would be the title of this hypothetical story? You'll Never Know. I'm not being cute, that would actually be the title.

It will never be a movie, and you should be glad.

A lot of people comment how they would love to see this made into a movie. Being fanfic is the number one reason why it can't be made into a movie, but maybe we should be glad Hollywood can't touch it. First of all, Feliciano will be turned into a Feliciana because it's nearly impossible to get a mainstream film made with a gay couple as the main characters. (We're lucky RENT was made intact for the most part.) Lovino would also become Lovina just to keep the film from getting picketed. He'd get the gender change rather than Antonio because in movieland, lady spies are only for looking sexy and if they're captured, the worst that will happen is a little Go-Go Enslavement because Beauty Is Never Tarnished. Feliciana will also get impregnated in the barn scen because any woman who has sex in War Movies will always get pregnant. Every. Single. Time. Of course, being a single mother will make her a stronger, better person as opposed to the overworked shrew it can turn women into in real life. Lovina can be expected to take part in this baby boom as well. And don't expect to see Matthew for even the bit he does pop up in.


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