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Apparently keeping everything on the one page was waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too much hard work, so I have finally decided to erect a Wall. Get yer spraypaint ready, youngsters.

    Tropes you think I display 

It wouldn't be TV Tropes if we weren't categorising absolutely everything, including real human beings. As I am (hopefully) a real human being, poot tropes hear.

  • Adorkable: You love TF 2, so much!?
    • It's sort of transitioned to Overwatch now (burn the witch!), but yes, I like multiplayer shooters with distinctive, quirky characters. Also, it's rare for a sarcastic beardy git such as myself to get called adorkable, so thanks!


It's like the Berlin Wall, minus David Hasselhoff and communism.

  • Hai! I think you're a genuinely great person and a superbly entertaining writer. So I'm leaving this here! Love ya! ^_^-I Love Dogs
    • *has a happy*
  • You're right about the sleep-deprived thing. It really does try hard to, don't it? MH Mhasf 1998
  • SIIIIIIIIIIIIIMOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!...ahem now that that's outta my system. Hi Uill!-Jason
  • Just gonna leave this here for your viewing pleasure... SwiftSeraph
  • Oh, by the way - if for some reason you're reading this page under the assumption I still use this account, I'm DubhKafkaesque now. Just saying.

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