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Thestonedog 78,here. So if your reading this mean you here come to be a vandal or you thought it be funny to read my page.So if you here for the first go to the folder below and leave what you want to leave.If your here for the second, your a poor lost soul. more to come laterz.

    Tropes that apply to me 

     Rp's Im in 

I'm currently in three rps

  • Legends of Aerith

  • Our Avatars Were In A Room Together: The Continuation

  • We are our avatars

     Forum game i play 

  • Werewolf/mafia: Electric Boogaloo

  • Enter the Arena as Your Avatar (v4), though currently i haven't been following or playing.

  • Enter the Arena as a God

  • Our avatars are in a room together

Here, have a blue name, I insist. - Randomman 5

Here, have a towel puppy. -Mobile Leprechaun

  • it sad that link doesn't work anymore =(
Yo. -rockmanx

-Bomb, with me holding the trigger- Eheheheheh... AHAHAHAHAHA! - THE BRINGER OF YOUR DOOM.


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