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My normal handle is Katz, but that was taken, so I'm using my oldschool handle, Jewelled Dragon (yes, I'm aware of the aberrant spelling). Please call me Katz. I'm 26 years old, female, and married. I live in Pasadena, CA. In case you were wondering, my avatar is the Etruscan sculpture Chimera of Arezzo.

WHERE IS SHE? Yes, I'm not around TV Tropes much anymore. If you have a novel you would like edited or you just want to chat, you can always catch me on DeviantArt or my lit-crit blog, No More Dead Parents. You can also PM me for my email address. When I spent more time around here, the TV Tropes Writing Contests were my favorite hangout; I've judged 2, 3, and 5 and participated in 4 and 6.


My Mary-Sue test can be found here. It was assembled with input from this thread and Javascripted by Nocturna.

Some tropes I've launched:

My current projects include:

  • Various other cat stories set in the universe of Familiar (see below). Silvanus is lord of the forest but still doesn't know what to make of an eight-year-old girl; Terra and her kittens are caught in the midst of a war that they want no part in.
  • Oil (working title) — An old-school text-based RPG set in post-apocalyptic Dubai.
  • Aurora — An interactive fiction set on a spacecraft that unexpectedly failed to reach its destination.

Some completed works:

  • The House Of Fear — An interactive fiction hermetic journey. Play online here!
  • A Bolt From The BlueNa No Wri Mo 2010. What will the next supernatural teen romance craze be? Time-traveling cyborgs, of course! Read on my blog starting here.
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  • Familiar (working title) — A cat is transformed into a human girl by a witch. But does her new body really make her human? Read it on Deviantart starting here.
  • Crystallis — A deep space adaptation of the book of Ruth in mixed verse and prose. The premise sounds awesome, but it's quickly joining Kalandaz in the hall of shame.
  • The Kalandaz Chronicles — Na No Wri Mo 2004. Princes disguised as unicorns, marauding dragons, etc. Technically a trilogy, though only about 300 pages total. My first completed work, and the first to enter my personal hall of shame.

Some works in progress:

  • War Hamsters — My webcomic, currently not updating. I'll probably return to this one eventually.
  • Atlantia (working title, my magnum opus) — Na No Wri Mo 2005. In a future ravaged by war and environmental damage, a new empire is spreading across Europe to restore peace and order. When the dictator chooses to marry a young American deportee, she must decide: Where do her alliances lie?
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  • (as yet untitled) — A parasite-like disorder capable of jumping from one person to another causes them to become werewolves in this metaphysical story about what makes us who we are.
  • The Amulet — A fantasy parody with all the prophecies, evil chancellors, beautiful elf warriors, and ridiculous names you'd expect.