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Okay, but it won't be pretty.

To begin the name "HSZMV" is not a reference to anything, a Shout-Out, a Pun, or has any intrinsic meaning to it. HSZMV first used the name to create a dummy e-mail account in order to set up a prank for a friend. His hatred of e-mails with numbers in them, and his at the time overzealous fixation with not giving out information on the internet lead to him adopting this name as his online handle. There is a secrete meaning behind "HSZMV" ( it's HSZMV's real first name put through a certain cipher.) but to this date, no one has admitted to figuring out the connection despite being told the spoil tagged info, though a major clue is that the first two letters are related in the cipher. That being said, the correct pronunciation is to state each letter independently in American English (Aytch Es Zee Em Vee). Calling him "Haytch Es Zed Em Vee" will get you hurt. Shortening to HS is perfectly fine as is not capitalizing all the letters, though it helps convey that there is no word spelled in the name.


HS is a self-admitted comic book nerd and wishes to write his own novel involving super heroes. He is a 21 year old college student, studying computer science and is the entertainment editor of his Uni's newspaper, giving him a voice for his critiques of films and just stuff in general.

He is the father of the Ridiculous Procrastinator Page, though he did not launch it himself (because he loves the irony of that) as well as the Samuel L. Jackson vs. a T-Rex meme found on the actor's page, making the original observation and then letting everyone else go to town with the WMG. He is quite proud of that and has met several tropers off sight that have mentioned the page to him, not knowing it was his own contribution.


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