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Hello there troper!

If you are reading this I queeny have changed my account and using my moms computer now. it because of something on the one I used to use that didnt let me change my account. I am 15 years old and I am a girl. My birthday is saint patricks day! I am a weird girl I guess. I wangst a lot. If I annoy you or make you mad feel free to hurt me.

Games I like.

  • Pokemon: Its the biggest part of my childhood

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  • Legend Of Zelda: This is part of it too.

Stuff that I'm intrested in.

  • Psychology

  • art

  • religon

  • defence mechenisms

Tropes related to me.

Feel free to vandalize and add stuff to my page if you want

Hey, just checked the Recently New articles and saw your page! You sound like an interesting individual. Were you officially diagnosed with Asperger's? - Bonsai Forest

I must expose the harsh reality that you are indeed the most confusing critter on this site. - Snicklin


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