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The world is not this harsh, or this hateful - this ignorant or this self-absorbed - this terrified or this angry... save in the minds of those who want it to be. If I pray at all, it is that we all realize this one day, that so much of our pain is created solely by ourselves, and that someday we need not create violence from dissent, hatred from fear, destruction from love.
And I seek to always remember: The most well-known, far-reaching statement of all is 'Mea Culpa'.
The best tenets of life are the ones that even a five-year-old knows. Unfortunately, most of us aren't five years old.

Theogrin was born a number of years ago, in some wasteland province, a slave by birth to an evil empire that enslaved all that was right and good about humanity, forcing it to work for them and help them in their conquests...

Wait, no, that's not right.

Regardless, he's a troper who's had a number of years to focus on the parallels between different shows, movies, and the like, chuckling about how similar they are at their core. There are, after all, only about six plots.

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This editor is also an unrepentant Pungeon Master.


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