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So this is where I'm sticking the long boring parts of my let's play, for now.

    NPC Text for Tule 
Tule Little Tule late
BR Old Man 1: You look a little wet behind the ears...
Howzabout I take ya to the Greenhorn's

This is followed by a Yes/No prompt. For completeness (and treasure), I'll select Yes.

Yeah, I reckoned so. First, shut your
eyes... can't have just anybody figuring
out where it's at.

Fade to black followed by a fade-in at what is obviously the bottom-left corner of town.

All right, here we are!

If you tell the old man no, he responds with.

Oh, so? You'll be back...

(Greenhorn's Club) There's a counter completely blocking the entrance, staffed by a green-haired lady. I can see several green-robed old men further in.

GH Woman 1: Howdy! I assume you're new to this adventuring thing, right?

Another Yes/No prompt. I'll select no first, to get it out of the way.

Sorry, but we can't have pros coming
'round and spooking the rookies.

She jumps onto the counter.


And kicks me out of the door all the way across the lawn into the tree line.

So, selecting yes:

All righty, then come on in!

Part of the counter disappears, allowing me to enter. I'll go clockwise around the room, talking to all 8 of the green-robed old men. There's one in the middle of the left wall, one by a treasure chest near the middle of the top wall, and six in a semi-circle near the middle-top of the right wall.

GR Old Man 1: Keep an eye out for secret passages. For
example, try walking through the wall to my left.
Thieves can learn the ability "Find
Passages." Then they can see secret
passages with no trouble at all!

There is indeed a secret passage in that wall, which takes me to an otherwise inaccessible treasure chest, and the other side of old man 2.

GR Old Man 2: Urns and chests like these sometimes
have goodies inside. Why don't you try
having a look-see?

There's nothing in the barrel, nothing in the urn, an Ether in one chest, and 100 gil in the other. There's also nothing in the crate, but crates rarely contain anything.

GR Old Man 3: Would you like an explanation of the job
ability system?

(yes) Fade to black, a chocobo walks on screen.

Chocobo: The fragments of the shattered crystal
are imbued wit the power of legendary

Since no crystals have shattered yet, this is kind of a spoiler.

The four chosen by the crystals are
granted use of those powers in the
form of "jobs."

Animation of Bartz changing his job to Black Mage.

By assigning jobs, the four characters
can gain special abilities corresponding
to those jobs.

Animation of Bartz assigning the '! Focus' ability.

Changing jobs and abilities change the
types of armor and weapons a character
can equip.
Don't worryŚ characters automatically
equip the best gear possible whenever
they are assigned a new job.

Animation of Black Mage Bartz using the optimize feature in the Equip screen.

By mixing and matching different jobs
and abilities, you can create individual
types of warriors...
such as a black mage who can use the
Jump ability, or a knight who can use
white magic.
Let's use the latter as an example of
using the job system.
First, we'll set our job to that of a
white mage.

Animation of Bartz changing to the White Mage class

Much like experience points, as battles
are won, you will receive ability points
With enough ability points, you'll gain the
white mage ability "White."
Now, let's switch jobs to that of a
knight. Next, as an ability, choose
Your equipment will automatically be
optimized to the strongest combination.
Now you have successfully created a
knight who can perform white magic!

Animation of aforementioned steps. The screen fades back to the Greenhorn's club.

GR Old Man 4: Saving the game is something you should
do often! Then you'll always be able to
pick up right where you left off.

GR Old Man 5: The character you usually see walking
around is the one displayed at the top of
the menu screen.
Try changing your order, like this!

Animation of exchanging Bartz with Lenna and back

GR Old Man 6: You can harm ghosts and the undead
with recovery magic, such as Cure.

GR Old Man 7: Try putting mages and other folks with
less defensive power in the back row.
Pressing (controller left) while on the menu screen
places the cursor over the characters.
Select who you want to move, then press
the A Button.
Now they're safe in the back row. Press
the A Button again to move them back to
the front.

Animation of Bartz changing rows.

GR Old Man 8: If your hair suddenly turns white, that
means you're "aging," and you'll gradually

So that finishes the first floor, there are stairs leading up. The 2F has 3 bookshelves, a picture, a globe, a treasure chest, 5 Green-Robed Old Men, and a Blue-Robed Old Man.

BR Old Man 2: Howzabout I tell you a couple more
useful abilities


With this ability, when you have one hand
carrying a weapon and the other hand
empty, your attack doubles.
Basically, you're using a one-handed
weapon with two hands, so you can attack
with a more powerful swing.
So long as one person in your party has
Sprint, you can hold down the B Button
to run through towns and dungeons.
Just have someone in your party become
a thief, and you're set.
Blue Magic & Learning
Blue magic is the art of learning
monsters' special techniques.
However, to learn them you'll need to
set the blue mage ability Learning, and
then get hit by the enemy attack.
Only then can you remember it and use it
against others.
To use the technique, use the blue mage
ability Blue Magic.
You can learn attacks like a goblin's
Goblin Punch, a steel bat's Vampire,
or a moldwynd's Aero!

GR Old Man 9: Wait Mode
In the Config menu, there is a setting
called "Wait."
If you switch your battles to Wait Mode,
the battle will pause while you are in the
magic or item windows, allowig you to
take your time selecting them.

GR Old Man 10: Inside this chest is a present from me!

How nice... It's a traped chest, and I'm attacked by monsters, a single Goblin. I got 20 gil from the fight, and leather shoes from the chest.

GR Old Man 10: A-hua-hua! Sometimes monsters hide
in treasure chests. From now on, be

GR Old Man 11: Hold down the L and R Buttons while in
battle, and you can try to escape. But
look out! Not al enemies will let you!

GR Old Man 12: When your hit points begin running low,
use a Potion or white magic such as Cure
to restore them.

GR Old Man 13: You've probably noticed those numbers
that pop up during battle.
The white numbers are damage dealt, and
the green ones are hit points regained.

Going back down, the counter is closed again.

GH Woman 1: Thanks for stopping by!

(Back Outside) So, I'm now in the bottom-left part of town.