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OK... Well, I'm a relatively new troper. Geek family, physics student, fan of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and historical novels. Pretty much discovered Science-Fiction with Stargate SG 1 (was pretty much the only SF series to be on the big channels in France when I was young), still a fan, but much less since I was introduced to shows like Farscape, Babylon 5, Cowboy Bebop and such.

For those interested, I've been working these past few years on a For Want of a Nail Stargate fic, Effet Papillon (Butterfly Effect), where the Ori were never discovered by the SGC, which doesn't prevent the whole political mess that is the Milky Way to become... interesting (in the Chinese sense). 350k words for now, in French, on the Sci Fi Fan-Séries french forum of Science-Fiction and Fantasy fan-forum.


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