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Ometta6 (also known as Ometta7, Crooked Alley, Crooked, Alley Scum, Alley Rat, and Charles) is a troper who mostly lurks silently on this wiki, making occasional edits here and there. He is fond of natter and trolling other tropers, but is aware that these things are frowned upon and tries his best to restrain himself or get his kicks through technically permissible means. His nature is a mystery to everyone, even himself, and nobody can be quite sure what he's all about underneath the many different layers he wraps himself up in. Is he a narcissist who needs to be the center of attention? Is he The Sociopath looking to screw with people's heads For the Evulz? Is he bipolar? Is he a profound intellectual or just a glib moron? Does he love you or hate you? If so, then why? Any answers that you think you may have to these questions should be brought before him, as he is just as lost as anyone else.


Tropes that apply to Ometta6

  • Acro Fatic: Despite his weight and laziness, Ometta6 can move very quickly when pressured into it. One notable example is when he vandalized a sign by smashing it with a lead pipe. From the perspective of his friends, he had gotten out of the car, ran about 25 feet up a steep hill, smashed the sign, ran back down and got in the car in the time it took to blink. Another notable example of his strange agility is when his best friend, who practices martial arts and is undeniably physically fit, wanted to spar with him. The friend threw multiple blows, all of which were easily blocked or parried.
    • Fragile Speedster: Despite his agility, Charles is extremely ineffective at actually laying a powerful blow, and has a low threshold for physical pain. This has led to him being bullied by younger kids.

  • Adult Child: Ometta6 is this trope personified. A 20-year-old man who will gladly play with action figures at the kitchen table just for the fun of it.

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