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Hey there, you Tropers may know me as Mr. Pastry. I'm just an average nerd who lives in California, nothing too special about me really. I'm usually interested in anime, comic books & especially video games.

Works I'm interested in (In no particular order).

Online Gaming Stuff
Xbox Live: Tenth Parchment 3. I pretty much only play Marvel vs. Capcom 3 online, so yeah, not much variety there.

My E-Wall of E-Vandalism! Post your comments and thoughts here, but please keep it civil.

"Not just hookers but hookers and blow. Sephiroth only demands the good stuff."

  • I don't know why I didn't vandalise your page before now. Don't stop ever being cool dude. - HellmanSabian

  • SEGA Saturn, SHIRO!!!" ...he will kill you if you don't play.

  • Now that you have a quotes page, my work here is done! REPAIR MAN! (~Man man man man man...~) - X2X

  • Good morning, Mr Pastry. Your page has been vandalized by an Affably Evil troper. Have a nice day and feel free to vandalize said troper's page in change. - Belfagor

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  • I also like FF VI (now I'm playing it for the n-th time). Greetings! - Amused Troper Guy

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