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Pfft. If only she knew how. Basically, I am a Batman loving nerd who watches far too much anime, cartoons, TV shows, and movies than what's healthy. Extremely fond of obscure references. Huge fan of That Guy With The Glasses, particularly Doug, Linkara, and Todd. Obsessed with Batman Beyond and has been since it premiered in 1999. Ridiculously addicted to TVtropes like everyone else on the site. One of my favorite past times is mocking the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novel series by Laurell "Dear Negative Reader" Hamilton in my Internet series Snark Theater. Follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, and Blogspot if you like sarcasm and self-deprecation.


I am also the author of The Black Parade, which also has a Tropes page.

I've created the following pages on my own:

I have done major edits on:

Episodes of Snark Theater can be seen here:

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     Season 1 

     Season 2 

Anita Blake in 5 Seconds


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