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Headfullofimaginary is a self-confessed social misfit who doesn't place herself into any of the standard teenage subcultures, but could be described as either a Rebellious Geek (which she was dubbed by a casual friend in the library, of all places) or a Crazy Semi-Goth Jrock Fan (which she read on a forum and thought fitted her strangely well).

She likes Surreal fantasy books, Jrock (normally Visual Kei bands) and writing fiction (even though when she switches on her computer she tends to end up online rather than on Microsoft Word).


Is responsible for The Wonka, In-Joke and "Get Back Here!" Boss, as well as the articles for the bands X Japan, Queen Adreena, Versailles and Marilyn Manson, and the comedian Emo Phillips. She has also added fragments to many other articles.

De-redlinking soon:

  • The Tweenies (Look, someone's got to do it, and it might as well be a British teenager who was a six-year old in the right time frame, OK?)
I might also do a Repo The Genetic Opera character page, if there isn't one already.

Hey, thanks for removing that edit on Yoshiki Hayashi. It's from my IP.... weird.... I need to make sure the network's secure o.o

-A Groupie

Assuming you're on about the 'raped Caitlin Lomax' one (seriously, some people need to learn that you can't throw accusations like that around!), if it was on your IP to begin with it wasn't by the end. I remember reading the edit on the page history and it had no username next to it. But yeah, that needed to go. -Head Full Of Imaginary



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