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Griffin Guy 24, also known simply as "Griff", was born helpless, nude, and unable to provide for himself. He struggled to overcome these obstacles, and today, he's managed to correct the nude part.

Griff has a great love for animals that is so focused and single-minded that it was the main factor in diagnosing his Asperger's Syndrome, and thanks to his complete lack of coordination, he turned to video games as a way to occupy his time when he couldn't get to the library and there weren't any interesting birds in the nearby vicinity. His attempts to become an apprentice falconer were thwarted when his parents learned he wanted to train a wild, flesh-eating bird to hunt with.


A Friend to All Living Things who is consequently Not Good with People (mix of both the shy and grumpy varieties, with a heaping spoonful of Humans Are Bastards), he is now, ironically, studying anthropology (formerly zoology until Organic Chemistry handed him his ass).

Of all the species, his favorite, eclipsing any other interest, is the jaguar. He knows nothing of the automakers, though, that's a topic outside his ken. However, by association, he knows a whole heckuva lot about Mesoamerican/South American culture and mythology, since their belief systems featured jaguars prominently.

TV Tropes has ruined his life to the point where his outline for the novel he's writing is described in trope names.

Launched the following tropes: