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I love video games (mostly retro/platforming) and I also love to read, write, and surf the web.

I'm interested in video game design and creative writing and hope to one day earn a page on this excellent site.

I hope to become a great contributor to this wonderful site and thank you very much for introducing me to so many amazing books, video games, and freeware titles that I never would've otherwise heard of. Also, thanks for helping me become a better writer.


Who said TV tropes ruins lives.


P.S. If anyone reading would like to read my stuff, you can find the following here...

  • The wasteland-the story of a young boy and his grandfather as he (the boy) learns to cope with life after the end through dreams. [1]
  • Genesis-the story of an introverted creator who accidentally creates the world. [2]

Hope you enjoy reading.

P.P.S. I also created an RP session which you can find here


this is very cool

I'm loving it


Zecro's guide to not dying early in X-COM

  • A sell everything that isn't rifles or pistols in terms of human weaponry.
  • B equip the interceptors with missiles, C Annons suck
  • C Buy 10 scientist 10 engineers and 2 soldiers to get a good start
  • E Hope and pray
  • F Also get a alien containment and stun rods when you can
  • G Always crouch if you have the time units when you are about to shoot and if an alien is behind the corner.
  • H Make sure to have 2+ soldiers

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